VidCon 2024: Day 2 & 3

Day #2 &3Thursday, June 27th & Friday, June 28th, 2024   Overall  On Days 2 and 3 of VidCon 2024 a recurring theme of speakers was “longevity”. This was repeated by everyone from John & Hank Green, to MatPat, Try Guys, and other “living legacy” channels like Smosh (which started posting videos nearly 2 decades […]

VidCon 2024: Day 1

Day #1 Wednesday, June 26th, 2024   Overall  VidCon 2024 is heating up in Anaheim, CA this week. With 14 years since it’s first, VidCon is expected to be as big and diverse as ever. As the landscape continues to shift, creators and the brands and agencies that work with them, they’re looking to the […]