The only generative & predictive AI-driven PR platform

Move faster and be more deliberate with creativity and critical thinking.
Spend less time pitching and more time placing with PRophet Earn.​ 

Eliminate the guessing game
Test and refine your pitch
Spray & pray doesn’t work
Surface the right journalist instead of blindly downloading random media lists of journalists
Generate PR & social content in seconds
"Taylor," our AI writing tool, can generate a pitch, a press release, or a social post for you or regenerate your existing content
200k+ active journalists
Access high authority global outlets and podcasts
Reduce pitch time by 50%
Spend less time pitching, more time performing
Upskill staff
Improve pitch performance and workflow
Manage expectations
Secure internal support around the “mediability” of your pitch strategy
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Reach the right journalist

Instead of blindly downloading random media lists of journalists you think may cover your pitch, PRophet will surface journalist targets in real time.


Discover millions
of podcasts

Uncover thousands of guest opportunities.


Mitigate emerging issues and crises

Optimize crisis response by predicting how media may react to an issue. Test stand-by statements and crisis language.

For Brands or Large AgenciesUsed by these teams: Social Media, PR, Comms, Brands, Event Management, Content, Production, Media Planning, Performance
Predict Media InterestUnlimited
Taylor Generative AI (pitch, social, bio, blog, email)Unlimited
Journalist Contact InformationIncludes Global Data
...and Multi-Pitch Generator
...and Dedicated Account Rep
...and Custom Media List Upload
...and Export Media List

Frequently Asked

We’re here to help with any doubts you might have!

By leveraging AI to analyze millions of articles from the past several months to surface verified journalists from high authority outlets that may be interested in your pitches and press releases. Users can also get help creating first drafts of pitches by uploading a pitch, press release, byline, blog or social post, or have us create or regenerate one for you. 

For more information, see our One-Sheeter.

PRophet is complementary to most PR software tools and competitive with others.

All sensitive information is protected at rest and in transit. We stay on top of security vulnerabilities and keep up-to-date with best practices such as using the most secure TLS protocol and automatically logging off users after a period of inactivity. MFA is also required at each login.

PRophet surfaces journalists from 7 countries including: United States, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Japan and Australia.

You can also test your pitch or press release against Podcasts.

Our data set continues to expand and evolve on a regular basis. Enterprise customers enjoy access to a richer data set through our partner, LexisNexis.

We work with agencies and brands large and small, public and private and across PR, marketing, IR, legal and public affairs functions. We also work with nonprofits, NGOs and academic institutions. A white label version of the platform is also available.

PRophet offers an Enterprise-level annual subscription model with unlimited users and usage.  Please contact PRophet at  to discuss pricing for your organization.

Between 30 – 1,500 words are required to generate content. The output will be at least 200 words.

At least 200 words plus a headline.

No. ChatGPT is really a toy. PRophet is a professional tool.

Apps and tools like ChatGPT are a fun and novel way to experiment with generative AI. PRophet is a professional-grade generative AI tool specifically designed to make PR professionals more productive, predictive and performative.

We provide media monitoring services through our partner, PeakMetrics. Reach out to for additional information.

We don’t operate like traditional media database companies. We have a dynamic set of data that includes journalists and their content that is ingested daily, analyzed and surfaced in the platform.

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