AI Solutions for Communicators and Marketers

The first integrated suite of AI-driven tools that span Earn, Influence and news Monitor offerings — built specifically for communication teams looking for new, innovative ways to:


Reach new audiences with innovative messaging


Tell brand stories through new unique voices


Use AI to deliver significant marketing productivity

The Suite

Discover How PRophet's Groundbreaking AI Suite Supercharges Your Integrated PR and Social Media Strategy

Identify high-potential earned media opportunities and generate custom pitches in seconds using AI. PRophet’s Earn solution allows you to reach new, hidden-gem relevant journalists, news outlets and bloggers at scale. Our generative and predictive AI allows you to build pitches in seconds, create unique datasets of media lists all within our customer-secure encrypted environment.

Social media marketing is more complex and competitive than ever before. Brands need innovative ways to cut through the noise, reach targeted audiences, and prove ROI througg social media content creators.  Enter PRophet Influence. With over 280MM creator accounts to choose from, our AI-powered tool helps brands find and engage the right influencers for your campaigns. Our AI evaluates factors like audience quality, brand safety and engagement rates to suggest influencers that will drive real impact.

Monitor brand mentions across millions of online news sources, social media, and broadcast. Our AI powers real-time alerts so you can respond rapidly to trending stories related to your brand and category. Or take PRophet to the next level by using Monitor to identify industry trends and breaking news that can then fuel PR through Earn and content creation through Influence.

PRophet Features

Explore our platform capabilities

On Demand Results

Real-time report generation in seconds that scores journalist interest and sentiment.


Rapid Analysis

Easy to navigate reports to help define your media strategy.


Sentiment Tracking

Measured on a scale of 1 to 10 with higher numbers representing positive sentiment.

Journalist Information

PRophet sources contact information including email and Twitter handle for journalists and podcasts, when available.


Media Targets

AI and machine learning are used to predict media interest, surface and rank the top 100+ journalists to target and pitch your story.



Export data from the platform in a PDF or Excel to share with clients and collegues.

Our Users

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