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Frustrated by the lack of data-driven earned media “intelligence” tools available to PR professionals, Aaron Kwittken created PRophet, using AI to bring science to the art of communications and make PR people more performative.

As a product within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud proprietary suite of SaaS tools for in-house marketers, and through partnerships with PeakMetrics and Podchaser, PRophet is quickly becoming a leading PR SaaS platform. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, brands, agencies, and freelancers can more effectively target and successfully pitch to journalists around the world by generating, analyzing and testing content that predicts earned media interest and sentiment.

Aaron is a highly acclaimed marketing and communications thought leader and founder of global PR agency KWT Global. In partnership with Mark Penn, political strategist, former Microsoft executive and founder and CEO of Stagwell Global, Aaron founded PRophet in 2020.


The PR industry is woefully behind when it comes to real technology solutions.

It’s a race to the bottom of overpriced online media databases, imprecise monitoring tools and stylized measurement dashboards. PRophet is like Waze for PR people, using AI to generate engaging content, analyze past reporter behavior and actually predict future reporting potential. It is revolutionizing how modern PR professionals interact with journalists and provide them with irrefutable data to support their pitch strategy to internal stakeholders.

Aaron Kwittken

Founder & CEO

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Aaron Kwittken

Founder & CEO

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Elspeth Rollert

Chief Marketing Officer, Stagwell Marketing Cloud

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Chief Technology Officer, Stagwell Marketing Cloud

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