VidCon 2024: Day 1


Day #1
Wednesday, June 26th, 2024



VidCon 2024 is heating up in Anaheim, CA this week. With 14 years since it’s first, VidCon is expected to be as big and diverse as ever.

As the landscape continues to shift, creators and the brands and agencies that work with them, they’re looking to the future for what works, ‘what’s work’, and what leads to the dreaded, “creator burnout”. This year in particular, there have been a number of public and private discussions happening around the mental health of influencers. 

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On Day #1 of VidCon, the activity was kicking up but overall the focus was on private dinners and lounges for brands, agencies, and creators that traveled in early. Things are still quiet as we head into the busiest days of VidCon.

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