VidCon 2024: Day 2 & 3


Day #2 &3
Thursday, June 27th
& Friday, June 28th, 2024



On Days 2 and 3 of VidCon 2024 a recurring theme of speakers was “longevity”. This was repeated by everyone from John & Hank Green, to MatPat, Try Guys, and other “living legacy” channels like Smosh (which started posting videos nearly 2 decades ago in 2005!) 


Trending Narrative

On VidCon Day #2 & #3, the evenings brought even more activity than the daytime, with numerous parties and dinners for creators, brands, agencies, and even Community Track attendees.

While brands spent less overall, the enthusiasm itself stayed strong and focused on the “tomorrow” of streaming, influencing and creating, and what long-time creators are doing to promote the next generation of creatives.

Featured Headlines:
    • Creator Economy: TikTok Pushes Long Video at VidCon; Webtoon’s IPO (The Information)
      Brands take it easy at this year’s VidCon, pulling back from the more extravagant displays of VidCons past. TikTok pushes editing tools and long videos as it tries to broaden its reach. And PRophet x What’s Trending partner for video series to help creators with their brand marketing strategies. The two companies will also collaborate on a “Creator Spotlight” series, launching next month, which will show how creators like Adam Rose, Gigi Gorgeous and Golloria George generate their content.