What PRSA-NY Learned About Mental Health in PR by Talking to Pros

79% of PRSA-NY members agree that they feel anxious and uncertain about the future

Moving into 2023, with a number of markets, industries, demographics and individuals all on what seems like a perpetual edge, things can feel uncertain on the best of days. While dire outlooks across the board means PR isn’t alone its concerns for the future, according to new PRSA and Honan Strategy Group report, there are a number of worrying mental health trends happening within the industry that should make leaders pause.

“Despite the various commitments we have seen centered on mental health and employee wellbeing, the current state of the industry shows that companies and agencies must do more to preserve the future of public relations,” said Aaron Kwittken, president of PRSA-NY, and founder and CEO of PRophet. “There is an acute mental health issue that has been exacerbated by the pandemic, social justice issues and ongoing political unrest. As leaders start to plan for 2023, mental health should be the first item on their organizational agenda.”