The PR Pro’s Guide to Storytelling

In today’s age of information overload, a captivating angle can be the key to cutting through the noise and capturing attention. For PR pros, that’s where the power of storytelling comes into play.

When we think about stories, books and movies likely come to mind first. But you get to tell great stories through public relations, too. You can take a simple idea and transform it into an entertaining narrative that sticks. Storytelling is the backbone of public relations and, when done correctly, can serve as the foundation of a strong brand.

Covered below, you’ll find tips on how you can tell more impactful stories in your PR efforts – while building trust and achieving greater results in the process.

Evoke emotion 

Regardless of how a story makes us feel, the emotions can stick with us long after. Emotions connect us to people, places and objects, making them an invaluable tool when telling a brand story.

When developing your brand messaging, consider how you can reach your audience on an emotional level. How can you spark excitement, curiosity or even fear? If you take it to an extreme, you may alienate your audience, but push the envelope; being provocative often pays off.

Be authentic 

Whether you’re creating a press release, pitch or social media copy, it’s important to infuse personality and character into the content. The voice should always feel human, accessible and distinct.

When brands pretend to be something they’re not, today’s savvy consumers will see through the BS. If you want to stand out in the crowded market, you need to establish trust — and the best way to do that is by keeping it real.

Another way to enhance your brand’s authenticity is by sharing behind the scenes stories about your business. This will make it easier for your audience to see the values of your brand in action. Too many brands botch this by focusing on shiny new features. Instead, let the real stories behind the features shine.

Think beyond the product   

People don’t want to read things that drone on with jargon; they want real-life connections.

Sure, your product might be amazing, but people don’t just want to read about the specs. Share success stories from satisfied customers to help put proof behind your claims and build a strong narrative. This approach can also help you build a community based upon shared values; it’s one thing to claim you have a great brand, product or idea, but it’s another to demonstrate it. (Insider)

Nike is a prime example of a brand that leverages authenticity in their messaging. Its campaigns are centered around relatable, human-interest stories that ladder back to the brand, designed to motivate audiences regardless of their backgrounds. Through connecting their stories to the everyday customer, Nike has cultivated an incredibly invested fan base.

Keep it consistent 

Make sure there are constants in the story you’re telling — trust can falter when a brand feels wishy-washy.

Though you need to tailor your tone to the channel you’re communicating through, the values of your brand and the key points of your story should always remain the same. True values are timeless and will always relate to a timely angle.

Make the story sharable   

For the best chances of gaining traction, utilize a variety of platforms to share your brand’s story. Different platforms are better for different narratives, which needs to be considered when choosing where, when, why and how to share your story.

It’s also important to take advantage of different media assets, where appropriate. The more engaging your story is, the more likely it is to be memorable.

Putting pen to paper 

When crafting your brand’s story, remember that authenticity and relevance are the keys to building interest and trust.

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