PR Stress? Here’s How to Manage Your Workload

It’s no secret that public relations is a demanding industry. Day in and day out, PR success requires quick thinking, strong communication and the ability to stay cool, calm and collected while your environment is anything but.

With so many stressors in mind, it’s important for PR pros to maintain a healthy work-life balance and keep burnout at bay. But how? Read on to discover our tried-and-true tips for workload management.

Prioritize your to-do list

Juggling multiple projects with competing deadlines can be stressful for even the most seasoned PR pro. That said, prioritizing tasks is a key factor in mitigating stress.

By prioritizing your tasks, you can identify ways to better manage both your ongoing and upcoming projects. After creating a to-do list in order of urgency, you can break down big tasks into smaller pieces and look for opportunities to delegate tasks.

Delegate tasks

Work doesn’t always have to fall on your plate. By delegating tasks to other team members, you can increase your leverage and maximize your impact while fostering a more efficient, dynamic team.

Through dividing and conquering, your colleagues can work on tasks they might not have previously had a chance to, providing a ripe opportunity for professional growth. Taking on new tasks or switching roles can also help teams gain perspective, leading to a greater understanding of the entire process and how to support one another along the way.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries at work is key to achieving balance, as it allows you to prioritize your own needs while ensuring that you can deliver for your colleagues and clients. Boundaries ultimately help manage expectations — both of ourselves and others.

One way to set boundaries is to communicate them clearly with your clients and coworkers early on, as this can help prevent misunderstandings and feelings of frustration. It’s important to be specific and provide examples of what is (and isn’t) feasible — especially when it comes to deadlines and timing.

Take breaks

Sometimes, you need to take a step away from the fast-paced world of PR and savor the small things for a moment. Taking breaks can help reduce stress, improve concentration and boost creativity — all of which empower success.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, try taking a short walk, stretching, meditating or having a snack. You can also use breaks to stay in touch with friends and family, read or listen to music or podcasts. Even something as simple as making sure you take your lunch breaks can allow you to unplug and re-focus.

PTO may have been a touchy subject in the past, but most companies today encourage employees to take time off to rest and recharge. However, when planning PTO, it’s important to make sure your time

away doesn’t induce more stress for you or your team. Ensure the work is covered and you should be good to go!

Celebrate wins

Don’t forget that your hard work deserves recognition. The next time you land a big pitch or cross a pesky project off your to-do list, find a way to celebrate. Whether treating yourself to coffee or a cocktail — or something grander — it can serve as positive reinforcement for what you’re working towards.

Taking the time to acknowledge your colleagues’ accomplishments is equally important. A simple appreciation email or meeting shoutout can go a long way. A team lunch or after-work happy hour can also help bring everyone closer together in a fun, laidback setting.

No matter how significant an accomplishment may seem, everyone deserves to be recognized for their work. Celebrating accomplishments helps foster a positive and supportive working environment that keeps everyone motivated.

Save time with tech

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