How Tech Helps PR Pros Achieve Full Potential

Tech is constantly evolving, and there’s always a hot new topic taking the media by storm. Generative AI has held the coveted top spot most recently, and as workers across the world experiment with it, its professional applications have been increasingly pondered.

With more AI tools tailored to PR pros hitting the market, let’s explore how this tech can help communicators achieve their full potential.

PR’s budding interest in tech

To measure interest in up-and-coming tools, PRophet and The Harris Poll conducted research last year to reveal PR pros’ feelings about AI and its impacts for the PR industry. The survey found that most PR professionals (94%) are interested in being a part of the changing future of PR, indicating that our industry is full of forward-thinking individuals. It was also found that 92% of PR professionals already see the value in AI, agreeing that its use can be beneficial. Further, 55% believe that AI is worth exploring to identify efficiencies in PR workflows.

The emergence of communications engineers

For centuries, workers have been required to adapt to remain competitive. This still rings true today in the PR world, as communications engineers move our industry into the future.

Communications engineers sit at the intersection of art and science – using actionable, real-time data and analytics to drive strategy and backstop their gut instinct. They build agile teams and fly-wheel tech stacks and utilize software to speed up processes such as predicting journalist interest and personalizing pitches. They can even use tech to identify trends, all while safeguarding truth and countering misinformation.

How tech empowers communications engineers

The recent tech boom is helping comms pros become more performative and productive by enabling them to create base content faster — when paired with the right data, of course. With a great base for content, users can strategically edit any content from social posts to bylines, adding color while ensuring accuracy and authenticity.

AI tools can greatly reduce time spent on mundane tasks like media list creation, and they also have the power to expedite research and ensure messaging compliance. Ultimately, these tools allow PR professionals to focus on higher-value, bigger-picture tasks, leaving busy work behind.

Working together with tech

When we embrace emerging tech early on, we learn how it can work with us — not against us. These tools can’t truly work on their own; human input remains as valuable as ever. With humans and tech working in tandem, the possibilities are endless.

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