AI is Changing PR and Workflows

How many times have you spent hours applying filters, sorting through journalists, downloading media lists, and then crafting the single best pitch you’ve ever written, only to end up left unread and disappointed again? And how many times have you just cast a wide net and hoped for the best only to have the same results anyway?

“What used to get through no longer does.”

It’s a common sentiment echoed right now throughout PR and communications, with up to 77% of comms professionals saying that it’s harder than ever to get earned media pickup.

Solution? Find the most relevant journalists for your pitch topic based on their past articles, write attention-grabbing copy, and then customize every message to personally speak to each contact.

Just one problem — you’re one person…with limited hours, and the occasional need to sleep, eat, and relax.


Thankfully, PR and communications professionals have more options than ever to build their tech stack. With the advancement of AI and data-driven technology for PR, it’s increasingly setting those who are willing to adapt to the top of inboxes, allowing them more time for higher value tasks.

Long before the ChatGPT hype cycle PRophet was already using AI to make us all more predictive, productive and performative. It’s tailored solutions like this that will give agencies and brands the flexibility and data necessary to thrive throughout 2023 and well after.


Aligning your pitches to reporters just makes sense, and with only 3.25% of pitches in Q2 of 2022 responded to, 2023 is definitely the time to take the first steps towards a more refined and targeted pitch strategy. 



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