2024 Predictions

A new year means new twists and turns for communicators to navigate. 🧭

Now that we’re done celebrating (and recuperating from…) an action-packed 2023, we’re back to the grind and putting our clairvoyance to the test to prepare for everything headed our way in 2024.

Which emerging trends will shape comms in the new year? Uncover PRophet’s predictions below…

🔮 Universities will integrate AI into their curriculum for media, public affairs and journalism

  • Moving past fear, it’s becoming clear that college courses need to incorporate AI to properly prepare the next generation of communicators. Expect 2024 to be a big year for comms tech on campus.

🔮 Large enterprises will establish private AI environments to ensure compliance with messaging and copyright regulations

  • By establishing controlled environments, enterprises can proactively manage and safeguard their comms, mitigating many of the risks associated with AI use at the enterprise level.

🔮 Voice skills will merge with AI applications, offering enhanced experiences

  • Voice-enabled AI applications will become a major focus of the “AI race” in 2024 — think Alexa or Siri souped-up with amplified capabilities, assisting users at work and at home.

🔮 Agencies and brands will progress in adopting comms tech purposefully and methodically

  • While a bit slow to start, both agencies and brands will continue to ramp up their adoption of AI in the new year, taking notes from the success stories of others.

🔮 Holding companies and their agencies will invest in building their own tools through white-label partnerships with tech companies

  • Strategic partnerships with tech companies will enhance agencies’ competitive edge, tailoring strategies to meet unique client needs.

🔮 The generative AI hype cycle will stabilize and give way to AI’s predictive and protective capabilities, especially approaching the 2024 election

  • AI is poised to play a pivotal role in anticipating and addressing challenges, as its ability to analyze vast amounts of data will be crucial in ensuring the accuracy and security of information.

It’s safe to say that 2024 is shaping up to be an even busier year than the last, but we’re here to help. No matter your comms needs in the new year, PRophet has the solutions to support your success.