PRophet Partners with Yoodli to Bring AI Speech Coaching and Media Training to PR Industry

PRophet is excited to announce a partnership with Yoodli, an innovative AI-powered software platform which helps users improve media interviewing, public speaking, and communication skills using artificial intelligence. The partnership cements PRophet as the first-ever communications tech company to offer AI-generated analytics support to companies seeking to hone storytelling and earned media engagement.

With PRophet’s customized Yoodli platform, users will be able to receive judgment-free feedback on their performances during practice media interviews; the technology will denote trends in filler word usage, eye contact, body language, and more. Users will also be allowed to practice for upcoming speaking engagements and can receive real-time feedback during live event sessions. Yoodli also creates transcripts and allows media trainers to instruct their clients via instant replay of speeches with actionable insights for areas of improvement.