PRophet partners with PeakMetrics

Originally published by PR Week

AI-driven platform PRophet launched last fall.

by Natasha Bach

NEW YORK: AI-driven software-as-a-service platform PRophet has inked an exclusive partnership with PeakMetrics.

PRophet helps predict earned media interest, sentiment and spread, while PeakMetrics is a machine-learning-powered media monitoring and narrative analytics platform. 

Via the partnership, PRophet users will have expanded access to verified journalists in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Latin America and Asia. PRophet customers will also be able to use the PeakMetrics platform. 

“It’s all about making PR people more performative by giving them dynamic and verifiable data to back-stop gut instinct,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet. “PRophet addresses the question ‘how can I do better’ while PeakMetrics addresses ‘how I did I do?’”  

PeakMetrics maintains an up-to-date database of verified journalists, along with their contact information. Via its media-monitoring function, PeakMetrics pulls together data and insights from social and traditional media sources and predicts the development and spread of messages through the use of machine learning. 

PRophet uses AI, natural language processing and machine learning to analyze past stories as a means to predict and inform better approaches for future efforts and produces data for targeting journalists for media campaigns. The partnership will give users access to a service for media relations, monitoring and insights to simplify their work, the companies said. 

Before its merger with Stagwell Group, MDC Partners launched PRophet last fall, calling it the first AI-driven platform to help PR pros predict media interest, sentiment and coverage before a story is pitched. The platform samples millions of stories across thousands of media outlets via natural language processing and machine learning. PRophet also entered into an exclusive partnership with podcast database Podchaser this summer, expanding the global reach of customers to thousands of podcasts. 

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