PRophet and Ragan Partner for “The Promise and Perils of ChatGPT for PR Pros” Webinar

With OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other generative AI tools making the headlines (and the topic of a lot of professional and personal conversations), it’s hard to know what’s worth worrying about and what’s been overhyped and overblown.

On Feb. 9th from 1-2 P.M. EST, in partnership with Ragan Communications and moderator Jon Minnick, PRophet founder and CEO Aaron Kwittken leads an insightful discussion with a panel of experts, including technologists, journalists, content creators, and PR practitioners. They’ll give their perspectives on how generative AI is changing the game, the impact these tools will have, and how you can be proactive in utilizing and benefiting from them.

Put simply, “generative AI” describes an artificial intelligence that can algorithmically learn from existing content and, from it, create new material. This can include everything from the hotly debated AI art, graphics, and video, as well as other creative mediums such as literature or music. More and more often these tools are being tapped to boost performance in PR, marketing, and communications, by both brands and agencies alike.

Our knowledgeable group of panelists includes Alisa Miller, CEO & Co-founder of Pluralytics; Alex Kelleher, President of Advantage Intelligence; and Barb Mosher Zinck, Content Marketing Strategist & Writer for diginomica.

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