“Meet ‘Taylor,’ Stagwell’s Generative AI Tool at SXSW”

CommPRO has featured PRophet and Taylor’s introduction in a recent write up. PRophet and the Stagwell Marketing Cloud attended SXSW 2023 in March, and with the announcement and introduction of the generative AI-based Taylor (“…the crown jewel of the [SMC] Comms Tech unit”) our trend towards providing intuitive tools for the industry and empowering the modern “communications engineers” continues.

“Taylor” tailors content (*cough* get it?) for PR and social media pros, generating first drafts, and also helping to refine existing drafts, serving as a solution for those who simply need more efficiency or who publish on multiple channels. Even more, it delivers insights on what kinds of content are most effective.

“2023 is the year of the communications engineer and Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s Comms Tech Unit is dedicated to delivering, democratizing and evangelizing AI-driven solutions that transform how the PR industry works and performs[.] … Our new generative AI tool significantly uplevels ChatGPT’s functionality in a way that will save modern PR and social media professionals significant time when creating content while also improving the mediabilty and receptivity of their storytelling.”  

Aaron Kwittken