Nail Your Next Media Interview — 5 PR Pitfalls to Avoid

Need to nail your next media interview? Avoid these 5 PR don’ts For PR pros and their clients, a strong media interview can pay dividends. But if a media interview is botched, you could soon find your team pivoting to a crisis comms strategy.    To ensure a successful interview, be sure to sidestep these five […]

“A robotic revolution? How AI is changing the PR industry”

Fox Agency’s Lottie West, on behalf of The Drum, investigates generative AI that’s “shaking up” the PR industry. This includes PRophet’s generative AI writing assistant, Taylor. “Generative AI is shaking up industries across the board. Now it’s PR’s turn, with specialist tools like PRophet popping up. Should PRs be worried or excited?”

“I’ll Take an AI-Generated Press Release and Blog Post To Go, Please”

MediaPost’s Richard Whitman takes a look at PRophet’s Taylor, noting both its generating and regenerating capabilities as well as the ability for users to personalize their pitches. “Well, here’s every journo’s dream come true…” Taylor was introduced at SXSW 2023 in March, and the copy generating AI tool marks the most recent announcement for Stagwell […]

“Meet ‘Taylor,’ Stagwell’s Generative AI Tool at SXSW”

CommPRO has featured PRophet and Taylor’s introduction in a recent write up. PRophet and the Stagwell Marketing Cloud attended SXSW 2023 in March, and with the announcement and introduction of the generative AI-based Taylor (“…the crown jewel of the [SMC] Comms Tech unit”) our trend towards providing intuitive tools for the industry and empowering the […]

3 Hot Takes from Our “Promise and Perils of ChatGPT for PR Pros” Webinar

3 Hot Takes from our “Promise and Perils of ChatGPT for PR Pros” Webinar  We partnered with Ragan Communications to host a webinar on “The Promise and Perils of ChatGPT for PR Pros.” PRophet Founder and CEO Aaron Kwittken led a panel of tech and communications experts including Alisa Miller, CEO and co-founder of Pluralytics; […]

Stagwell’s (STGW) PRophet Sponsors an Axios Event About the Future of AI and Communications at SXSW 2023

NEW YORK and AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s PRophet, the first-ever generative AI  PR pitch platform built by and for modern PR professionals that predicts media interest and sentiment, will sponsor an exclusive Axios panel discussion and private reception during the upcoming SXSW 2023 Conference to discuss the future of AI for PR professionals. The March 13 invitation-only event will […]

Comms Tech’s Flaws Fixed? Think Again

Last year, our Head of Client Success, Elizabeth Finch, penned a piece calling out the gaps in comms tech— an umbrella term for the various tools and platforms that communications professionals utilize in their daily workflows.   As a quick refresher, comms tech can be broken down into three main categories for PR pros: distribution (e.g. […]