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Test, predict and perfect your pitch

The only generative and predictive AI-driven PR platform



Generate your pitch

Upload your pitch idea or press release onto the platform, or have Taylor generate or regenerate one for you based on a few prompts.


PRophet analyzes & personalizes your pitch

PRophet evaluates your pitch, predicts media interest, and then helps you draft personalized pitch copy to interested journalists.


Pitch with confidence

Reach out directly to the suggested journalists or regenerate and/or make adjustments to your pitch, or personalize up to 25 pitches in just a few minutes. Then run it again to test media interest and sentiment.

PRophet Features

Explore our platform capabilities

On Demand Results

Real-time report generation in seconds that scores journalist interest and sentiment.


Sentiment Tracking

Measured on a scale of 1 to 10 with higher numbers representing positive sentiment.


Rapid Analysis

Easy to navigate reports to help define your media strategy.


Journalist Information

PRophet sources contact information including email and Twitter handle for journalists and podcasts, when available.


Media Targets

AI and machine learning are used to predict media interest, surface and rank the top 100+ journalists to target and pitch your story.



Export data from the platform in a PDF or Excel to share with clients and colleagues.

Generate Copy

Upload a pitch, press release, byline, or social post, and have PRophet generate or regenerate content for you.

Personalize Pitches

Taylor will help you draft a personalized pitch to journalists drawing from their past stories.

Multi-Pitch Generator

Upload, edit, and prep your pitches at scale with PRophet's Multi-Pitch Generator.

Biography Generator

Taylor will help you draft a journalist's biography too, using just a LinkedIn profile URL.

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