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The problem with pitching

You’ve carefully considered the angles, think you compiled the right media target list, prepared your pitch, sent out dozens of emails, and… crossed your fingers. Sound familiar?

The old process diagram

The old process

Before PRophet, knowing if a reporter would write a story remained a guessing game purely based on professional experience, labor-intensive research and instinct with no performance-based data to guide, support or defend a pitch. Earned media “intelligence” tools focus on what media to reach based on rudimentary topical information that’s neither performative or predictive.

A lot of work, for little payoff

Some placements, A lot of rejection
“Spray and pray” is not a media strategy. Sure — you may get lucky and land a placement or two, but blasting out a generic pitch is a largely ineffective approach.
Mismanaged expectations
With a method historically reliant on gut instinct, it’s a challenge to accurately manage expectations of executives, internal and external stakeholders.
Wasted time
The old way of pitching media is incredibly time and labor intensive. Time spent on each pitch that doesn’t land is time that could have been better used on high-value tasks.
Ruined relationships
Repeatedly sending journalists pitches that miss the mark can ultimately lower trust and damage the hard-earned relationship with a reporter or publication.
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Time for PR to shine

It’s time for PR to shine

PR and comms professionals deserve better than the largely analog, dumbed-down tools available in their tech stack. There’s no need to pay for overpriced user-based fees for these stylized, imprecise dashboards.
PRophet is an an innovative, AI-driven platform that helps to inform media strategies with actual data, leading to smarter, more successful and performative campaigns

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