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Test, predict and perfect your pitch

PRophet brings new value to every layer in the public relations ecosystem: from generating richer insights for better strategies to working in tandem with traditional platforms to perform even smarter and more efficiently, to creating more relevant and successful pitches and, as a result, better relationships with journalists.

Artificial intelligence
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The software


Why PRophet?

Eliminate the guessing game
Test, retest and run your pitch over and over again to optimize your language and targets before going to market with your pitch.
Improve your “hit rate”
PRophet predicts which media are most likely to be interested in your pitch and help you uncover new reporters, dramatically increasing your odds for placement.
Spend less time pitching and more time working
Reduce pitch time by up to 50% while increasing placements by up to 100% so you can spend more time on other high-value tasks. PRophet can upskill less experienced staff, ultimately reducing costs while increasing pitch performance and workflow efficiencies.
Manage executive and internal expectations
Secure internal support around the “mediability” of your pitch strategy before going to market. Negotiate who, when and how to pitch the story using AI-powered recommendations.
Mitigate emerging issues and crises
Optimize crisis response by assessing how certain reporters may react to an emerging issue by testing your stand-by statements and crisis-oriented press language.
Transparent and fair pricing model
Annual subscription, unlimited amount of use and authorized users for brands and their agencies.

How it Works

PRophet deploys AI, ML and NLP techniques to test pitches against your target media lists and our dynamic database of ~35,000 high-authority, active journalists in North America in a virtual, safe and secure environment. We analyze, index and classify content by ingesting millions of actual stories – predicting interest, sentiment and spread.
This intelligence helps users develop the most “mediable,” performative and defendable strategies possible to ensure media interest and coverage. In the case of a known or emerging crisis, PRophet will help guide the user to use language that mitigates potential media interest.

Try it out
Upload your pitch or press release to PRophet.
Choose a pitch date, upload your target media list or sample from one of ours, input keywords and weight your pitch by adjusting the news environment strength of your reporter relationships, and the potency of your spokesperson.
Run your results to see how well your pitch will perform. Go back, make changes to your copy, media targets, timing, weightings and run it again.
Analyze your results and performance predictions in PRophet’s easy-to-read dashboard. Share with your colleagues and now you’re ready to pitch.
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Additional questions?
Contact Us
How do I account for breaking news, editor influence, my relationship with the reporter or a spokesperson’s performance?
You can manually weight each of these variables when running a scenario.
How does this tool work with other PR software tools like Cision and Muck Rack?
PRophet is complementary to these tools.
How can PRophet evaluate a pitch’s potential on a topic that has never been covered?
In the unlikely or very rare event, PRophet would identify related or adjacent topics to use a surrogate for testing.
I need to upload sensitive, non-public information. How can I be sure that my information remains confidential and that it can’t be compromised?
All sensitive information is protected at rest and in transit. We stay on top of security vulnerabilities and keep up-to-date with best practices such as using the most secure TLS protocol and automatically signing off from your session after a period of inactivity.
Who are your customers?
We work with brands large and small, public and private and across PR, marketing, IR, legal and public affairs functions. We also work with nonprofits, NGOs and academic institutions. We do not currently support agencies.
How much does PRophet cost?
PRophet operates on an annual subscription model. We don’t believe in seat licenses. Please contact us if you would like to discuss pricing packages for your organization.
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