Your Pitch Results

After you’ve Created & Predicted a Pitch, you’ll be able to see the top 100 journalist results for the selections you made.

Pitch Results

Expanding the category will reveal the top 100 journalists ranked by predicted interest score. The source, contact information, interest, and sentiment for each journalist will also be shown.

  • The interest score shows the top 25-100 journalists that are predicted to have the highest interest in your content.
  • Sentiment shows the typical tone (positive, negative, neutral) of a journalist’s articles.
You can use the drop down to reveal the top 50 and 100 results per category.

Score or Outlet

The drop down under each category will enable you to display the results by score or outlet.

Journalist Information – Dig Deeper Panel

When you click on a journalist, it will open the Dig Deeper panel with the individual journalist’s information including interest & sentiment, contact information, recent articles, and any other outlets they’ve written for. You can also indicate if the suggested journalist is relevant or not, and generate a personalized email pitch to them.

Indicate Relevancy of a Journalist

Provide feedback about the relevancy of a journalist by selecting “Yes” or “No”. Selecting “Yes” moves the journalist to the top of the results grid and gives the PRophet AI confirmation that the suggested journalist was relevant. Selecting “No” will hide the journalist from the results.

Generate a Personalized Email to a Journalist

You can generate a personalized email pitch to any journalist in the results by selecting a tone from the drop down and clicking the “Generate” button.

Results will take 1-2 minutes to generate.

Review, Regenerate, Edit and Send a Personalized Email to a Journalist

The panel will populate with a suggested Subject Line and Email Copy. Review and edit the proposed copy in the side panel, or regenerate it by clicking on the “Regenerate” button. Once the email is ready to send, click “Send” to open the email in your native email client outside of the PRophet platform.

You can also expand the “Tell Me Why” Section to reveal why Taylor suggested the email for this particular journalist.

Journalist Recent Articles

If you scroll to the bottom of the Dig Deeper panel, you will also find the most recent articles the journalist has written. You can scroll down to the bottom and click “Explore Articles” to see up to 100 articles from the past 6 months.

Article Search/Keywords

At the top of the Explore Article panel, you’ll see a search bar where you can include or exclude keywords to find relevant themes within a journalist’s recent articles.

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