Editing your Pitch

A pitch can be edited by clicking the “Edit Pitch” button on the results page. Adjustments can be made to the pitch content, country, or source.


Every time a Pitch is edited & predicted, a new version is created. You’ll be able to see the version number in the top header bar. In this example, the pitch is version 3 because it has been predicted 3 times:

Pitch Versions

Previous versions of a pitch are save so you can reference them later. To access these, simply click the 3 horizontal dots and select Versions from the menu.

Using Pitch Versions

After you click on Versions from the menu, you’ll open the Versions panel. From here you can see the Active version as well as all previous iterations.

You’re able to perform different actions from here:

  • Review – to load the results from the version selected
  • Export – to export the results from the version selected
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