Creating/Running a Pitch

After you’ve Created a Campaign, you’ll be able to start adding and running Pitches.

Pitch Content

After clicking “New Pitch”, you will be directed to the page below where you can copy and paste your headline, sub headline, and content in the editable text space.

Geographic Region

The next step is to use the geography dropdown in the right panel to select one or multiple countries for coverage.

Podcast Category

If the United States is selected as one of the countries, you will also have the option to run your content against podcasts.

Run your Pitch

After you’ve input all of your Pitch’s content and selected Countries to run against, click the “Run” button in the top menu.

Pitch Categories

Your content will be analyzed by our AI and relevant media categories will be suggested. You can remove any suggested category or search for a different category.

After clicking “Run & Save”, your pitch will be tested against the categories that were selected.

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