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Generating and Predicting a Pitch

Generating a Pitch

Click on the “Pitch/Press Release” button to begin generating or creating your pitch/press release:

You will be taken to a page where you can create your pitch/press release. If you already have it drafted, you can copy and paste your headline, sub headline, and content in the editable text space. The only information that’s needed to Predict your pitch is a headline and at least 200 words of copy:

Generate a Pitch

If you aren’t sure what to write for your pitch, let Taylor generate suggested content. Add at least 30 words into the “Pitch Body” editable text space, select a tone from the dropdown (Professional will be selected by default), and click on the “Generate” button.

It will take between 1-2 minutes to generate your pitch content.

Review Generated Pitch Content

After 1-2 minutes, the generated Headline, Subheadline, and Pitch Copy will populate in the right panel. The left panel will contain your Original Content.

Make edits to any of the Generated Content fields by clicking into them.

Review Generated Social Content

Suggested social posts will also be generated. Click on the “Social” tab next to the “Pitch” tab to see the suggested posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Clicking on the “Copy” button in the top right corner will copy the text to your clipboard.

Regenerate Your Content (Optional)

If you want to regenerate your content, use the icons at the top of each panel to select the “Original Content” or “Generated Content”. Choose a tone from the dropdown, and click the “Regenerate” button:

Select the Content to Predict Interest

The next step is to select the content you would like to predict in PRophet. Use the same icons at the top of each panel to select the “Original Content” or the “Generated Content” and then click on the “Predict Interest” button:

Geographic Region

After you’ve selected the content that you want to pitch, use the geography dropdown in the right panel to select one or multiple of the over 100 countries that are available. By default, your pitch will be predicted in the United States:

Podcast Category

If the United States is selected as one of the countries, you will also have the option to run your content against podcasts.


Use the Source dropdown to select one or multiple sources to predict your pitch content against. If you do not select a source, your pitch prediction could include journalists from all sources.

The options include:

  • Academic: News items from educational institutions, e.g. schools and universities
  • Consumer: News items from consumer and magazine type publications, e.g. Salon, GQ
  • Corporate: Corporate website press release pages, e.g. McDonalds, Shell
  • General/Misc: News items from sources that are yet to be assigned a source category or do not fit into any of the other source categories
  • Government: News and information from governments and government departments
  • Journal: Periodical publications, typically focused on science, technology or professions
  • Local: News from local and regional news sources, e.g. The Alaska Star, Bath Chronicle
  • National: News from national and international sources, e.g. BBC, The New York Times
  • Organization: News from organizations such as charities, political parties, NGOs

Media List

If you’re uploaded a custom Media List, you can predict your pitch against the available journalists within that list. Use the Target Media List field to select an available Media List:

Run your Pitch and Predict Interest

After you’ve input all of your Pitch’s content and selected Countries to run against, click the “Predict Interest” button in the bottom right of the panel:

Pitch Categories

Your content will be analyzed by our AI and relevant media categories will be suggested. You can remove any suggested category or search for a different category.

After clicking “Run & Save”, your pitch will be tested against the categories that were selected.

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